Fashion Advice for Expecting Ladies

This entry is especially for those ladies who are expecting in the summer time and are on the plus side of the weight. In short, it is for ladies like me. In our north India, since the sun bathes us with over-adequate amounts of scorching heat. So, it is better to stick to not-so-sticky fabrics such as cottons and linens. These breathable fabrics may not look too much flattering on the already bloating bodies of expecting ladies but they do lend a great deal of comfort. And comfort is supremely important during pregnancy.

Besides cotton, you can also invest in high quality hosiery clothing, especially for pajamas. I did the mistake of getting most of my clothes stitched, without properly surveying the market. Its only later on, I found out that there are various brands dedicated to plus size maternity clothing.

I went to Mom & Me for maternity clothing, but to my shock, they just stock salwar kameez in plus size for pregnant women, when I asked them, if they plus size options in western wear also, they said no. How ignorant of them.

But, then there are other brands, many of which I discovered quite late in pregnancy. Most notable among them are – ALDO MODA, AND, 109 F, W and MOTHERCARE.

These brands offer great stylish and comfortable options for plus size mommies. So, no need to fret on your weight during pregnancy.

Go shopping mommies!! 


World’s Best Mom

Alive In You

That’s a lofty title, I know. And believe it or not, I know her. Even more amazing (to me) is that I’m married to her.

One might think the world’s best mom would be someone with years of motherly experience and a number of kids — someone who has been doing it for a long time. My wife, Katie, doesn’t come close to qualifying under those terms. You see, we’re new parents. Our first son, Randol Thomas, was born on Thursday at 12:56 a.m. at the incredibly young gestational age of 25 weeks and 4 days. That happy moment had a sad ending when our baby boy lost his life later that morning at 5:20 a.m. after struggling for hours to try and breathe with what we knew were severely underdeveloped lungs — something we knew would be an issue after my wife’s water broke at just 18 weeks.

So how could…

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Rise above


Rise above!!

Rise above constant bickerings.

Rise above  personal comparison.

Rise above material comparison.

Rise above petty and big tensions.

Remember everyone’s got their share of problems.

Even the richest person on this Earth has problems.

Even the poorest person on this Earth has happiness.

God, takes something and gives something.

No one can have it all.

Remember, No one.


Compete with one self.

Compete with one’s own devils.

Compete with oneself to not to get bogged down by criticism.

Motivate oneself.



Enjoy life’s small treasures.

Make every moment memorable.

‘coz that’s all you have in the last.

People don’t and can’t change themselves for you.

Be aware of their minuses.

But concentrate at their pluses.

Remember, there are always some pluses.

Keep negativity farther

And positivity closer.

Count your blessings.

Keep on counting them

in times of joys and sorrows.


Remember,  love from your near and dear one’s 

is your only treasure.

Give love

Get love.

That’s the real fuel for the car called ‘life’.

Why worry?

Why hurry?

We all get

what we are supposed to get.

We can only do our karma

That’s our only dharma.


Rise above.






Revenge (Short story)

An innocent girl coming from job gets kidnapped by a bunch of bastards in a car.

They rape her brutally and throw her cloth less on the road, drenched in immense physical and psychological pain.

Police are of no use, they infact tried to make use of her.

Her family was ashamed to help her and made allegations on her and blamed her passion for job as the sole reason for her bad situation.

As if her pains were not enough, she found out that she has been infected with HIV AIDS.

Now, nobody even comes near to her, leave about look at her.

Tired of being hated and being ostracized, she decided she has had enough of it.

The victim then becomes the hunter!!

She turned into a slut, waiting for night bastards to hog on her and in turn she infects them with HIV AIDS.

At the end of it, she used to just slip a paper chit saying ‘welcome to my world of AIDS’.

She used to change her looks so that those bastards can’t mark her down. 

Slowly and gradually those bastards began fearing that unknown disease carrying slut.

And rate of rapes dropped much lower.

What police couldn’t achieve, that girl achieved while sacrificing her self and her life.

People might question her way of taking revenge but that’s how she did it.

Gang Rape!!

India witnesses a rape in every 20 minutes. Earlier it used to be majorly done by single rapist but now they indulge in ‘Gang bang’. Bastards! They make groups four or more people and then hunt for their victim. Horror met to the 23 year old girl in the moving bus on 16 December 2012, still brings shivers to me and I am it is still the same with most of the womenfolk. I am sure, thesedays, in the minds of Indian women the most common concern is their safety. They are not safe in their homes,as well. Many a cases have been reported in which estranged husbands, husband’s relatives, friends or boyfriend’s have robbed them of their modesty, in the cruelest manner possible.

And recently the CBI director had mentioned that ‘if you can’t prevent rape, enjoy it’. (Sick mentality!!)

The only change that has come, is that now, women do not hide the fact that they have been raped but they report it to the police.

And I have a feeling if this horrific crime continues unattended then, either each of the woman will become a warrior or they will loose their sense of modesty and will no longer remain chaste. Their will no longer be bothered. And then humanity will start to live on an ANIMAL PLANET!!

Sometimes… just sometimes

You know sometimes

silence screams.

You know sometimes

even fresh air cannot repress suffocation.

You know sometimes

loneliness is the only friend one has.

You know sometimes

you hear only yourself and the sounds of the urban life.

You know sometimes

life can be an open prison.

You know sometimes

living can be that of a voluntary prisoner.

You know sometimes

silence screams.